Folding@Home using the GPUs

Folding@Home is a project where you can have your GPU help out solving diseases by folding proteins. Guru3D team is ranking in the Folding@Home top 70, yes... I'm very proud of our guys crunching these numbers, especially since there more than 185000 teams in the world! Our team number is 69411 and if you decide to purchase the GeForce GTX 200/400 product, guys, promise me you'll use it to fold for us. Of course I recommend all GeForce 8800/9800 owners give this a try as well. By making this move my dear friends, you can help fight the biggest mysteries in diseases and illnesses. Again, let's make Team Guru3D the biggest one available guys, join our team. Available Clients are:

Use GPU2 Client if: {Windows} [ATI & Nvidia]
1) You have a discrete GPU (Fermi GPUs aren't supported)
2) System is on for 15+ hours
3) Would like to get some more points with some effort
Note:If you fold with an ATI GPU, please use Environment Variables to make folding more efficient.

Use GPU3 BETA Client if: {Windows; Linux (Unofficially); Details} [Nvidia]
1) You have a discrete GPU
2) System is on for 10+ hours
3) Would like to get some more points with some effort
Note:As this Client is in BETA Stage, expect some rough edges.

While the GPU3 BETA Clients can run on virtually any Nvidia 8000 Series GPU or above, running a Fermi and a Non-Fermi GPU in one box can be tricky to do so. Remeber that if you are running a F@H CPU Client on the same machine, make the F@H GPU Clients' priority low/slightly higher and the F@H CPU Clients' to idle. That way, your GPU is constantly feed with data to fold.

Guru3D's F@H Homepage: <Click>
Detailed FAQs: <Click>
Quick-Start Guide: <Click>
Guru3D's F@H Foru: <Click>
FaHWiki: <Click>

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