The auctioned game had never been unpacked. This is an early edition where the word 'bros' in the title is difficult to read due to the placement of Mario's hand. This was changed in later versions.

The auctioned game received a Wata score of 9.2. This figure is determined by an independent party who checks whether the object is still in good condition.

The bidding started at $ 62,500, after which twenty interested parties bid against each other. Nothing has been disclosed about the identity of the buyer. It is the second time that a game has brought in a record amount on the auction site. Earlier this year, that honor went to a sealed copy of the first Super Mario Bros. , which received a Wata score of 9.4. This went under the hammer for $ 114,000.

The Wata score plays the biggest role in determining the price. In July, the same game was sold with a slightly lower score of 9.0 for an amount of 38,400 euros.