x264 FHD Benchmark v1.0.1 64bit

Generic Benchmarks 55 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. x264 is
extraordinarily fast, with over 15,000 lines of assembly code and highly optimized

In terms of quality for general-purpose encoding, x264 outperforms every
other video encoder on the market. x264 is commonly used by companies ranging from
Youtube, Facebook to Hulu and Avail Media.

Command line: x264.exe --demuxer-threads (LOGICAL_CORES) -o NUL SVT_1080p50.mkv

Test sequence has been created using following uncompressed files:
crowd_run_1080p50.yuv  park_joy_1080p.yuv  ducks_take_off_1080p50.yuv
in_to_tree_1080p50.yuv  old_town_cross_1080p50.yuv

Due to large size of uncompressed footage (~7 GB) test sequence has been also compressed
to H.264/AVC ~30 mbps (x264 --preset placebo).

For stable results x264 encoder is always set to REAL TIME PRIORITY!
Benchmark created by Atak_Snajpera

We have a thread open on this test right here.

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