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Software Updates 23 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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This Watch Dogs mod is aimed to those who want more graphic fidelity and smoother game play. The mod comes with different colorgradings to adjust to your liking. Please discuss this mod here, read the description, changelog, known issues, and features.

HQ Mod specific changes

Antiailising changes

  • SMAA = Vanilla Temporal SMAA
  • TemporalSMAA = 2xTemporalSMAA
  • NO AA = FXAA

Graphics settings changes

  • HMBAO = High Quality downsampled SSAO
  • No Ambient Occlusion = HMBAO 
  • Low = Vanilla medium optimized by me 
  • Medium = Vanilla High optimized by me
  • High = Vanilla Ultra optimized by me (recommended for Ultra textures)
  • Ultra = Uber Ultra optimized by me (Heavy with Ultra textures)


Graphics settings recommendations

Ultra graphics + Ultra textures settings specs = 4GB 780TI or 290X or higher recommended for this settings High graphics + Ultra textures settings specs = GTX670 or equivalent for a stutter free experience I believe that you may now be able to turn off DOF and still see it during cinematics.

Beware that you may play with Low and medium without any major lost in visual quality.Also know that FPS will go down when using Ultra textures. Know that after playing on ultra for some time the game will create a cache to improve the texture loading. This will get rid of the stuttering after you run WD on Ultra a few times.

Important mod Information

This version will be totally tweakable meaning. You may choose Low, Medium, High,  Ultra and Custom or even mix a match between those settings. These settings have  been tweaked and optimized for better quality and performance. They are much better  than vanilla settings and you get all the eye candy. This mod include modified high  and ultra textures. meaning you will see some ultra textures when playing with high  textures and you WILL BE ABLE to play on Ultra with minimal or no stuttering nevertheless  I would recommend you to put the graphics settings on high or medium when playing with  ultra textures due to an FPS hit. you might be surprise how well it looks. My high graphics  settings are superior than vanillas Ultra settings and much more optimised for quality  and performance. Same goes to my medium setting and low. The ultra settings  are much more superior to vanillas Ultra settings and therefore quite taxing on  your system, nevertheless it has been optimized as much as possible so you can achieve  good performance.Only the HQ mods feature the modified textures and tweakable settings. Only Ultra settings have been optimized on The Atmosphere mods version 1,2,3 and 3.1

List of changes and modifications:

  • Realistic colorgrading presets
  • More dynamic wind 
  • Dynamic realistically rendered rain
  • Higher view distances
  • Better texture polls
  • Better LODs, 
  • Better rain effects
  • Better shadows, 
  • Higher decals
  • Denser particles, rain, 
  • Natural ambient lighting
  • High quality reflections
  • Better ambienceocclusion
  • Better shading
  • SMAA and Temporal SMAA
  • Better textures
  • HQ particles
  • Improved lighting and bloom


Unpack and put the patch files(patch.fat and patch.dat in your data_win64 folder in  your Watch Dogs directory Put my SweetFX in the bin folder in your Watch Dogs directory.  The sweetfx is optional only if you want the border. Replace your gamerprofile located  in your documents/ mygames/ Watchdogs with mine.

Minimum System specs: GTX670, I7 CPU. 16GB RAM. or equivalent

This mods is aimed to those who want more graphic fidelity and smoother game play.  This mod has been tested with a GTX670 and GTX670 SLI only so I cannot account  for poor performance on lower systems. If you wish to run SLI which is kind of  broken in this game. you may do so with high textures, ultra settings and Fxaa or  MSAA 4x

Discuss this mod here.

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