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Software Updates 23 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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TheWorse, MaLDo and VAAS have combined their skills and have released a new mod based on the kadzait24 initial mod for Ubisoft's open world title Watch Dogs. The mod bring improved textures, some E3 effects and well, a whole lot more. This is a must have mod and highly recommend using it as it brings a lot of improvements.


  • Extract the patch.fat and patch.dat files;
  • Drag them to the data_win64 folder, (Example: D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Watch_Dogs\data_win64); 
  • Overwrite any files if necessary;
  • Play.
P.s.: NOT necessary to delete GamerProfile.xml.

Here is the changelog for this new version of TheWorse’s mod:

Changes in 1.0:

  • Several changes and adjustments to the rain, speed, intensity, etc.
  • Normal, aiming and sprint camera dof distance increased.
  • Bloom for storms changed.
  • Colorgrading settings adjusted.
  • Complete black bug fixed.
  • Other small changes.

Changes in 0.99v:

  • Exposure adjusted for clear day-night.
  • FOG reduced and adjusted.
  • Implemented new DOF values to ensure a better visibility and gameplay with the mod.
  • Lighting adjusted again.
  • Light color and spotlight volume color of the helicopter light changed (Mostly for testing).
  • New camera values for a better view of aiden and overall.
  • LOD values changed and adjusted for better performance-quality.
  • Bloom enhanced.
  • Many other changes and adjustments.

And other small changes to deliver a better game experience.

Game is now properly using its high textures for the following items, including several textures for the lensflares and so on.

  • Clouds
  • Sparks
  • Some lighting textures
  • lensflares
  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Fog
  • Rocks
  • Some ground textures
  • Some sky textures
  • vegetation
  • water
  • explosions
  • debris
  • some atmospheric effects
Headlight changes:
  • Headlight shadows are now working properly.
  • Changed the distance of the actual texture in order to make the overall look more realistic
  • Changed the intensity of the light reflection and the overall texture.
  • Headlight colors are now properly applied to new and older cars.
  • Made a new texture for the lensflares.
  • Changed the shadow bias so flickering should be fixed, still read the big disclaimer.
Lighting changes:
The following changes has been specifically made and tested by myself. This will ensure the best quality possible for the game TOD (Time Of Day) Cycle day-night and Weather Clear-Cloudy-Storm.
  • Sun light color has been changed for every tod in order to clean up the horrible washed up colors that ubisoft put into the final game.
  • SSAO Visibility and strength has been increased for every tod.
  • Exposure has been adjusted aswell for every tod. To ensure better colors and visibility.
  • White point has been reduced for better white balance.
  • Sun light intensity has been adjusted for every tod.
  • Sky intensity has been adjusted for every tod.
  • Shadows has been adjusted.
  • Overall light intensity has been adjusted and/or increased for every tod.
  • Headlights and streetlights are now enabled for every tod in storm weather. Due to being now really dark like it should be.
  • Increased light probes intensity in order to make night not that dark.
  • Other minor changes.
Rain changes:
  • Intensity has been changed.
  • Splashes intensity and size increased.
  • Cascades intensity and distance changed.
  • Rain streak intensity increased.
  • Now it should rain more frequently
  • Other changes.
The rest of the changes:
  • Fog has been changed and increased for storm weather.
  • Fog has been increased for clear day weather.
  • New bloom adapted and changed for every tod and every weather.
  • New colorgrading settings to adapt and change the new lighting.
  • Added new sky settings for every tod and every weather.
  • Civilian density increased to maximum values to ensure its not a ghost town.
  • Helicopter and Police volumetric lights intensity increased.
  • Aiden's coat movement and wave speed reduced so it doesn't wave like crazy.
  • Normal Camera slighly changed.
  • DOF intensity and distance slighly changed.
And many other changes and additions. This is almost the final version so I hope everything works correctly and fine.

If not using version 0.97, here are some installation instructions for version 0.8:

  1. Download the file, decompress the rar in any folder you want.
  2. Open the config file located in “WDT_Data/config/WDTConfig.cfg
  3. Place your Game_Path For example Game_Path=C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonWatch_Dogs
  4. Save the file and open the tool exe “WDTooL.exe”
  5. Select your settings and press the tick button to apply changes
  6. If something is stuck press the middle button to reset the settings
  7. If everything is ok a path.dat file will be created in your data_win64 folder
  8. Enjoy the game

You can find the Guru3D forum support thread over here.

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