Voodoo4|5 Version 1.08.04

Videocards - 3dfx videocard 46 Updated by Import

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x-3dfx Voodoo4/5 Windows XP 2000 Drivers (w/DirectX 8 Support)

There are some new Voodoo 4/5 drivers out for all you left over 3Dfx fans out there. Version 1.08.04:

-Double packed whole bundle for smaller download size
-Fixed serious flaw with FSAA Jitter Control & Voodoo4 3D performance.
-Added a few new options such as: Force Glide Refresh rate, PCI Bus Threshold.
-Re-added D3D L-Delay option.
-Updated HTML help layout.
-Altered and improved x3dfx tools graphics & tray icon.

supports Direct3D when using DirectX 8.0

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