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Videocards - Overclocking & Tweaking 94 Updated by Import

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RadLinker features:

  • Absolutely no programs running in the background
  • Does not bloat the registry
  • Per game/program settings
  • Control over process priority
  • Per game/program clock rate settings
  • As many unique game profiles as your computer can hold
  • Custom profiles for all your games

New in this release:

  • This is the last version that will support Windows 98 and ME.
  • Removed the temporal FSAA threshold setting as it does not seem to be needed any more.
  • Added support for all the latest boards

RadLinker allows you to create a "RadLink", a special kind of shell link (a.k.a. shortcut) to your games/programs that allows you to change it's individual settings.  A RadLink will look and act just like a normal shortcut except it's property settings can be custom tailored for your video settings.

prop3s.jpg prop5s.jpg

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