Quake 4 Benchmark v1.1

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While the user interface is simple, you can actually change more details than you think. This piece of software has been made by hardwareOC in cooperation with Guru3D.com, you'll notice that the time-demo used was made by this site as we do for most of the HOC benchmark software. This is actually the game-demo I personally use in all our reviews.

System requirements

Windows XP 32-bit or 64-bit edition DirectX 9.0c The latest drivers for your graphics card Quake 4


Change the resolution from 640×480 up to 2048×1536 (in 9 steps) HD WideScreen resolutions (1280×768, 1920×1080, 1920×1200) support 1 built-in demo in the lite version, 2 built-in demos in the full version Change aspect ratio 4 graphics quality (Low, Medium, High, Ultra) Support Symmetric MultiProcessing-based acceleration (SMP) Comments Change filters (Antialiasing and Anisotrophic filtering) Support command line parameters (batch benchmarking)
Version 1.1:
NEW: NVIDIA VGA detection modul.
NEW: ATI VGA detection modul (Ray Adams, developer of ATI Tray Tools).
NEW: Add "/noversion" command line parameter, in this way you disable the version checking of HardwareOC Quake 4 Benchmark.
NEW: Display resolution during the test.
NEW: Add system information module.
NEW: Splash screen.
NEW: Help file.
NEW: HWZone demo.
NEW: id netdemo.
CHANGED: Support the latest v1.2 patch.
CHANGED: Command line parameters.
CHANGED: If the help file is corrupt you can download it from the HOCBench server directly.
CHANGED: Remove additional information section.
CHANGED: Display "No score" in the result html if the score is not exist.
CHANGED: Uninstall section.
FIXED: Batch benchmark problem.
FIXED: Rare score read problem.
FIXED: Wrong command in 640 × 480.
REMOVED: Longday netdemo.
REMOVED: 8×, 16× antialiasing support.

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