Omega Radeon Catalyst v2.6.2.5 (5.4)

Videocards - ATI Catalyst (Modified) 94 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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** Update - there was a small error in the first release regarding the soft mods, this has been fixed, a new release has been placed on-line and is being served as we speak.

Omegadrivers has released their modified Drivers of the Official ATI Catalyst 5.4 Drivers. These drivers offer exellent performance versus great image quality and are known by their great reputation. These are "optimized" drivers for the ATI Radeon family of video cards.  They work with ANY RADEON VIDEO CARD built/powered by ATI, including all Mobility chipsets (M6 and up). This is the first driver set, based on the ATI Cat 5.4.

The Omega Drivers are compatible with all ATI Radeon cards (it doesn't matter if they are DDR, SDR, PCI, PCI-E, AGP, Mobile, Retail, OEM or 3rd Party)

  • Radeon All In Wonder
  • Radeon 7x00/VE/LE
  • Radeon 8500/LE
  • Radeon 9x00/SE/Pro/XT/TX
  • Radeon xX00/SE/Pro/XT/PE
  • All Mobility Radeons (M6 and up)

What's new in version v2.6.25

  • Based on the Catalyst 5.4 Official drivers.
  • Updated a lot of the internal tweaks for Mobility 9200 cards.
  • Updated some other tweaks for all cards.
  • Removed some redundant files from package.
  • Added new option to installer: now you can select between installing with or without Radlinker, in case some of you can't use Radlinker for some reason or use another 3rd party tweaker.

Copyright 2005

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