nVidia nForce 1.12 drivers - Windows 2000|XP

Mainboard drivers - NVIDIA 149 Updated by Import

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I've been emailed with the question if I could please post the new nVidia nForce 1.12 drivers from which the Detonator drivers 31.00 where extracted as some nForce owners would definitely like to have this archive. Okay, they are now uploaded and can be found in the mainboard section of our file-server. They are 19Mb in size !

Package includes:
GPU driver 31.00 (WHQL'd)
Audio driver 2.72 (WHQL'd)
Audio utilities 2.74
Network driver 2.61 (WHQL'd)
GART driver 2.29 (WHQL'd)
SMBus driver 2.17 (WHQL'd)
Memory controller driver 2.26 (WHQL'd)
Installer 2.74

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