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NVFlash is used to update the firmware stored in the EEPROM of an NVIDIA display adapter. It can also be used to perform other tasks on the adapter such as saving a copy of the current firmware image to a file, displaying the version of the firmware image, or determining the EEPROM part present on a display adapter. NVFLASH is a command line utility that can be run standalone from the command prompt, run from batch files, or spawned from other programs.

  • Make backups with the following command (in dos): nvflash -b filename.bin 
  • Flash your bios with: nvflash -f filename.bin or nvflash filename.bin
Use at your own risk, only flash when it's absolutely necessary. Of course, make sure you create a backup of your original bios. This version is a Windows compatible build.

There is a real danger of a display adapter becoming unbootable and thus preventing the entire system from booting if the update process is interrupted due to a software fault, power failure, the operator manually resetting the computer (for example via a reset switch), or the operator updating an adapter with the wrong firmware image. For this reason, care should be taken when using this utility. 

Editor's Note:
Adds support for NVIDIA GeForce 30 Ampere

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