NGO ATI Optimized Driver v2.5.6

Videocards - ATI Catalyst (Modified) 94 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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The NGO ATI Optimized Driver is a tweaked version of the ATI Catalyst driver. The main purpose is to satisfy the users with a better performance and better image quality.The Driver has support for all Radeon cards.

Release Notes:

  • Based on ATI Catalyst 5.6
  • Added: Some DirectX tweaks
  • Updated: ATI Tray Tools
  • Updated: OpenGL Driver Switcher

Included Utilities:

  • OpenGL Driver Switcher - Switch between the New and the Old OpenGL drivers on the fly.
  • RefreshForce by Gregory Maynard Hoare - 60 Hz RefreshRate fixer.
  • ATI Tray Tools by Ray Adams - Control Panel,Tweaker,Overclocker.

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