nForce4 AMD|Intel X16

Mainboard drivers - NVIDIA 149 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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Installation Notes:

  • Windows XP users must install Service Pack 1, at a minimum, prior to attempting to install this package. Failure to do so will result in the inability to support USB 2.0.
  • Installation of DirectX 9.0 or higher is required in order to use NVMixer.

Release Notes:

  • Compatibility fixes

Windows XP/2000 Driver Versions:

  • Audio driver version 4.62 (WHQL)
  • Audio utility version 4.51
  • Ethernet NRM driver version 5.09 (WHQL)
  • SMBus driver 4.45 (WHQL)
  • Network management tools version 5.09
  • SMBus driver version 4.5 (WHQL)
  • Installer version 4.89
  • IDE SATARAID driver version 5.52 (WHQL)
  • IDE SATA_IDE driver version 5.52 (WHQL)
  • RAIDTOOL application version 5.52

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