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In videos Senior Game Designer, Bernd Diemer, narrates as Alex Marschal, Crytek's Community Manager, plays the game.

Guru3D now is offering you the High-Definition versions of these movies as download. These movies are encoded in H.264 though, so please be sure you have an appropriate decoder (latest PowerDVD for example).

Download mirror 2 downloads: t_crysis_e32k7_devwalk_pt1
Download mirror 3 downloads: t_crysis_e32k7_devwalk_pt2
Download mirror 4 downloads: t_crysis_e32k7_devwalk_pt3

Be sure to have a peek in High-definition, each download is roughly 100MB in size though !

Two rival nations unite to stop the aliens and save mankind. The newly formed alliance fights epic battles against the marauding Aliens. With hope rapidly fading, the player must lead a crack squad through lush tropical jungle, harsh frozen landscapes, and finally into the heart of the alien ship itself for the ultimate Zero G encounter with the aliens.

Crysis offers players a highly immersive FPS experience in which they will have to adapt their tactics, weaponry, armour and gameplay style to survive and defeat the alien invasion.

Crysis uses the leading-edge technology of Crytek's proprietary engine CryENGINETM 2.

Key features

    • An immersive story that puts you the player in the pivotal role to repel an alien invasion and save mankind.
    • A unique three-act structure that forces the player to use real-time armor and weapons customization to adapt to an ever changing dynamic world.
    • Encounter a compelling, frightening and totally original alien species that uses its senses intelligently and work in combination with each other to present players with the most challenging opponents yet in an FPS.
    • Enemy and ally AI utilise real-world military tactics.
    • Take control of a wide variety of land, sea and air vehicles including trucks, tanks, boats and helicopters.
    • Explore a living, dynamic world where earthquakes, breaking ice, landslides, and tornados pose a real and an ever-present danger.
    • 32-player Multiplayer with real-time armour and weapons customization and an all new mode that combines player modification and tactical objectives.
    • Emergent gameplay; actions taken in the game affect future outcomes giving each player a unique experience.
    • Highly robust and easy to use mod toolset allow players to create their own expansive levels with game modes for both multiplayer and single player.
    • The most realistic environments, spectacular special effects, physics game engine, lighting system and enemy AI through CryENGINETM 2.

I tell you this game looks great !

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