ForceWare 91.28 Stereo Driver (Beta)

We have a new 91.28 beta stereo driver for you this week thanks to a user who wishes to remain anonymous. Stereo drivers are intended to enable the NVIDIA stereo Control Panel for the support of 3D Glasses.

This is a beta driver so there might be a bit of stability issues for you. Then again it has been a long time since NVIDIA released such a driver so it'll make loads of you quite happy

Two files are required to use your 3D glasses with any GeForce card. The first is the ForceWare video card drivers (I suggest 91.28 obviously), and the other is the Nvidia Stereo drivers you can download from this page.

After installing the video card drivers to update your video card, you will need to install these new Stereo 3D drivers by downloading, unpacking and installing them.

You will need to restart your computer one more time. After the 2 files have been installed, go to the display properties, then click Settings, and advanced. Click on the GeForce tab and you will see a menu pop out from the left side.

Click on the one that says stereo properties and hit enabled. That's it!

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