ForceWare 83.50 Win2000|XP

Videocards - NVIDIA Forceware (Modified) 118 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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Price ImageAsus released this driver yesterday. They are intended for the NVIDIA graphics based notebook. Suffice to say that we altered the archive to make it work with all GeForce grahics cards to date starting at GeForce 3. Thanks go out to Pieter from laptopVideo2go for that one. If you try these out then be sure to drop by in our forums and let us know what you think about them. We have a discussion thread open on these drivers which can be found right here:

This is an unofficial driver, use it at your own risk. We repackaged this driver and where able to recompress it towards 16 MB where the original binary was 30 MB. No files where lost or changed during that process, it's just better compression.

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