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Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce (XP 32-bit) 651 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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Mainboard manufacturer Gigabyte released a new ForceWare driver for Windows 98/ME user, build 56.55 and that will make a lot of users happy. The archive is a 100% reference set, I don't know just yet if it is WHQL certified though. The files have been virus-checked and are authentic. Furthermore we recompressed the archive and where able to save 6 MB. The file-size is now 10 MB.

The NVIDIA ForceWare Release 55 graphics driver includes many features, enhancements, and bug fixes and gives users a broad range of productivity-enhancing tools. What's nice about this release is the integration of socalled gridlines in which you can devide up your monitor into separate regions for all of your applications. 

Highlights of the NVIDIA ForceWare Release 55 include:

  • Application/game profiles-image quality and performance settings can be defined and saved for each application. Profiles launch automatically when the program is initiated. Adjustments can be made easily to any existing profile.
  • Mouse-over pop-up help for all graphics control panels-an integrated help function provides pop-up explanations of all graphics-related settings.
  • Drop-down menu for NVIDIA settings-a new menu item on the right-click drop-down menu takes users directly to a control panel for NVIDIA graphics settings.
  • The latest NVIDIA nView(tm) 3.5 software-a new nView multi-display wizard speeds the set up for multi-display modes. nView 3.5 also provides numerous enhancements for more efficiently using a single display including an improved pop-up blocker and enhanced display grid technology for organizing windows on your desktop.
  • Easy output of video files to television-when selecting a video file for output, a simple right-click on the mouse pops up a menu to speed start up and simplify the selection of video output options. 
  • Introduction of PCI Express- support for the latest PC bus enabled through NVIDIA UDA.

We also have several threads open on these drivers in our NVIDIA driver discussion forums.

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