The application will calculate the bumped-shader according to the GPU you selected and which Shader and Memory speed you entered in the calculator.

It will show you which tabs you need to change in NiBiToR and what values you need to put in those tabs. The values you need to change will pop-up , the tabs that stay blank you DON'T change.

All calculations done by the calculator are based on the NVIDIA default bios settings according to the selected FERMI model. There is one exception in the calculator and that is the asus gtx 460 top directcu series with bios version 70.04.1B.00.02 ,GPU Device Id: 0x10DE 0x0E22 , ASUS ENGTX460 VB Ver 70.04.1B.00.AS01,if you got this card please select "GTX460 ASUS TOP" when calculating.

(I tested many settings and starting from the NVIDIA default bios settings gave me the most stable speeds)

This is a work in progress all feedback is welcome! Take note that changing your bios settings will void your warranty and is not without risk ! Don't blame Civato and Crispyi if you busted your Fermi !

Feedback here please. Supported Fermi Cards:

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