New DNA drivers have been released. These are modified/hacked ATI Catalyst drivers, use them at your own risk. The drivers have been optimized with two things in mind, better Image Quality and more/stable frames per second when compared to the Beta Catalyst drivers from ATI.

* Based on the CATALYST 6.1 release
- mixed with the CATALYST 5.7 control panel (to keep the TrueForm slider)
[[ Added / Removed / Updated ]]
* Removed SoftMOD installation
* Added the 1440x900@60Hz resolution
* Added DNA-ATi Profile Changer link to the desktop
* Added new DNA-ATI profiles:
- WoW- Planet Side
- COD (Call Of Duty I & II)
- F.E.A.R
* Updated DNA-ATi Profile Changer to V1.7
* Re added old special DNA-ATi Profiles:
- First To Fight- Driv3r 3
- Pariah
- Start Wars Republic Commando
- Need For Speed Underground 2 // Renamed To: NFS Series
* Re added the 1024x600@60Hz resolution
* DNA-ATi Control Panel logo not included (can be downloaded
- from the DNA-ATi logo maker site later)
* SoftMOD not included in this release
* Updated read me Q&A section
* Added the DNA-ATi driver uninstall option ( To completely remove
- the DNA-ATi drivers from your system)
* Updated driver uninstall cleaning (registry + files)
* Updated modded driver deletion
* Updated read me driver layout / colors
* DNA-ATi 32x and 64x are separate packages now
* Added DNA-ATi High Quality AF Changer
[[ Tweak Info]]
* Tilling tweaks updated for all cards
* New D3D performance tweaks for all cards
* Multi Thread enabled now
* Adaptive NPatch enabled by default (was already enabled)
* High Quality AF is turned OFF by default now
- can be changed with the DNA-ATi High quality AF Changer
[[ * Fixed / #Bugs ]]
# The DNA-ATi profile changer may give an error when
- a profile is switched, but all profiles work correctly (this will be fixed)
* Drivers not installing on a clean system (still testing)
* DNA-ATi logo maker link

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