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Back in September 2005, at the PDC Microsoft Conference, CryTek, developers of Far Cry, released a movie that showcased some of the capabilities of the Cry Engine 2 under DirectX 10 API: dynamic day/night cycle, fully interactive enviroments, sunrays and diffuse transmission, real time soft shadows, soft particles, interactive/destructrible enviroments, volumetric clouds, and advanced shader technology. Courtesy of DocSEAL, we have the official version of the movie (hi-res version).

The game is named Crysis and will be shipping, as the first DX10 enabled game, in Q4 2006.

Observe the following:

- The foliage moving about when brushing against it
- The soft showing tech looks very very cool.
- The destrucible environments, think about the physics at work and what is about to be released
- The Fire

Go Crytech, this is amazing stuff.

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