Color Sustainer Download v1.05

These profiles are loaded automatically for their respective modes as you:

Change display color profile association mode

Right-click a display in mode-specific mode (default) and click "Change to Global" to associate a single global color profile to the display. Right-click a display in global mode and click "Change to Mode-specific" to associate color profiles to specific display modes.

This application requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable to be installed. Please check up on this forum thread for questions and more info. 

Resolved issues:
"NOTICE: Users may have been recently notified that a Color Sustainer update is available when there is none. The notification will not go away unless you press "Never remind me again" which may deprive you in the future of being notified of important updates to Color Sustainer.
A hotfix is on its way to fix the issue at hand, but meanwhile, merely editing the Color Sustainer settings text file and changing "updateAvailable=1" to "updateAvailable=0" will fix the issue given the server for the version update check is back online the next time Color Sustainer checks for an update (upon application launch / 24 hours after last check if Color Sustainer remains running). Thank you for your understanding and apologies for any annoyances caused by this confusion."

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