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Generic Benchmarks 55 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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CineBench15 has been around for years, created in an era where 4 core processors were the new norm. However, Maxon never updated it to cope with many-core processors. The 16-core and even 32-core processors these days can finish up the benchmark in merely seconds. That means that any Turbo can run 100% all the time as the benchmark finishes (too) fast. That's not entirely realistic as processors clock down after a number of seconds of full stress. With that idea in mind Guru3D's HWGeek started modding Cinebench. It's a simple trick, the Cinebench render resolution has been increased by fourfold, giving the benchmark a much longer and larger workload, this results into a more reliable score with the 64-threaded beasts we have available these days.

Note: This is an unofficial modded version of Cinebench 15 (it has a few some changed configuration files), this revision of software is not supported or distributed by Maxon. We encourage to check and leave feedback on this forum thread.

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