ATI Radeon DNA-drivers

Videocards - ATI Catalyst (Modified) 94 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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VERSION:: DNA-drivers
* Special thanks goes out to the DNA-drivers BETA-TEAM
- for their hard work on this release..
* Based on the CATALYST beta 8.07 release
* Added Special DNA-drivers birthday release theme's
- based on the site polls
* Added Ati Tray Tools to the package.
- special thanks goes out to Ray Adams for this.
!-Support for CatalystAI
!-Easy Task Tray Configurations
!-OverClocking Support
!-All Functions Of The ATI ControlPanel in your Task Tray
!-NOTE: TO run ATI TRAY TOOLS select it from the DNA-drivers START MENU **
* Updated DNA-drivers Copy Protection©
* Added Dutch installation language * beta
* Updated SoftMOD install
* Added a new tweak that should increase the FPS when
- HighFPS, UltraFPS or InsaneFPS is chosen and Aniso is enabled
* Added support for:
- Radeon X700 SERIES
* Re-added the WDM drivers into the driver install
- version 6-14-10-6246
* Updated Install and Uninstall routine
* Turned off CatalystAI as default.!!
* Added a "DNA-drivers HOMEPAGE" link to the startmenu
* Added a "DNA-drivers Control Panel Logo Maker" link to the startmenu
* Added a "DNA-drivers Donation


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