ATI Radeon DNA drivers

Videocards - ATI Catalyst (Modified) 94 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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VERSION:: DNA-drivers

  • Dedicated to "Truus" may she rest in peace
  • Fixed auto reboot, after driver installation not working
    - Special thanks goes out to "A.Matsushima" for heliping
    - me fix this problem
  • Deleted the DNA-icons in this release, they will be back
    - in the next release (only for CP icons the Start Menu icons
    - are still the DNA-icons)
  • Included the ATI Smart-Gart uninstaller to the start menu
  • Included the ATI "gamma" (4.4) hotfix
  • No need to uninstall old drivers and stuff like that
    - you can install the drivers on top of old catalyst drivers
  • removed ATI tool from the package for various reasons.....
  • Redone the whole installation process/package
  • Fixed dual monitors (extended desktop) not working
    - ( lets see how long it takes for the other driver
    - modders to fix this )
  • Based on the official CATALYST 4.4 Driver package
  • Updated WDM drivers to version (CAT 4.4)
  • Fixed some minor Hercules install problems
  • Added support for:
    -:ASUS RADEON 7000 64MB
    -:ASUS RADEON 9600SE 128MB
    -:RADEON 9200 SE
    -:Gigabyte RADEON 9200 SE 64MB
    -:C.P. Technologies Inc. RADEON 9600XT BRAVO 128MB
    -:Celestica "Gold Edition" RADEON 7000 64MB
    -:Celestica "Gold Edition" RADEON 9200 256MB
    -:Celestica "Gold Edition" RADEON 9600XT 128MB
    -:RADEON 9100 XT IGP (RS350)
  • Updated support for almost all other cards


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