ATI Catalyst 9.10 Win 7 | Vista (64-bit)

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There's a new ATI Catalyst driver out. This is revision 9.10

Official ATI Catalyst WHQL release supporting ATI Radeon HD 5800 series GPUs

  • ATI Catalyst 9.10 now includes full GPU support for the award winning ATI HD Radeon 5800 series GPUS!

Super Sample Anti-Aliasing for the ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series

  • ATI Catalyst 9.10 provides support for a new Anti-Aliasing method on the ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series. Users can now experience the high level of anti-aliasing image quality using Super Sampling anti-aliasing while maintaining good performance levels.

Highlights of resolved issues

  • Ghostbusters video game no longer flickers between desktop and game play when anti-aliasing is set to 8X and game resolution set to 2560×1600
  • Enabling Screen Space Ambient Occlusion option in Riddick 2 Dark Athena no longer causes the game to fail under Multi-GPU configurations
  • Severe flickering no longer observed while running 3D games/samples on specific HDMI displays with configurations using ATI CrossFireX technology in tri and quad modes
  • Desktop flashing no longer observed after driver installation and reboot with systems configured with Radeon ASIC in the primary PCIe slot and ATI Fire Stream ASIC in the secondary PCIe slot
  • Combat Mission Shock Force no longer fails after a duration of game play
  • Underscan/Overscan settings for TV can now be applied from the ATI Catalyst ControlCenter TV Properties Adjustments page
  • Changes to the All Settings and Basic Quality pages in ATI Catalyst Control Center -Avivo Video will now be retained after reboot

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