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TI just released Catalyst 7.12 for Windows Vista, Windows XP.

Highlights of the Catalyst 7.12 Windows release include:

Performance improvements

  • Company of Heroes DX10 performance improves up to 5% on systems containing an ATI Radeon HD38x0 series of product

New feature

Enhanced ATI Overdrive support for the ATI Radeon HD 2900 Series

  • This release of Catalyst introduces an enhanced version of ATI Overdrive for the ATI Radeon HD 2900 Series.  Users can now Overclock both GPU engine and graphics memory clock speeds in Crossfire mode (and over-clock single ATI Radeon graphics accelerators as well).  This version of ATI Overdrive also includes a new stress test application to verify any over-clocking speeds users may have configured (either manually or through the auto-tuning tool) on their ATI Radeon HD 2900 Series of graphics accelerators.  

Highlights of the Linux Catalyst 7.12 release include (coming soon):

New features

Support for new Linux operating systems

  • This release of ATI Catalyst Linux introduces support for the following new operating systems: 
  • RedFlag 6.0 DT

  • OpenSUSE 10.3

Powerplay support in the Catalyst Control Center (Linux Edition)

This release of ATI Catalyst Linux introduces powerplay support in the Catalyst Control Center (Linux Edition).  Powerplay enables users to configure various power saving settings for their ATI Mobility Radeon powered laptop computers.

Resolved Issues

  • A memory leak is no longer noticed when running OpenGL applications
  • Running X -configure no longer results in a segmentation fault in the fglrx driver
  • fglrxinfo no longer reports OpenGL Render string: as Mesa GLX Indirect on systems containing an ATI Rialto AGP series of product

For more information on Catalyst 7.12 (for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Linux versions), including all of the resolved issues in this release, please see the Catalyst 7.12 release notes found in driver download section.

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