ATI Catalyst 10.1 Beta Windows 7 | Vista (32|64)

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This is a beta version of Catalyst 10.1 as released by MSI.

We have no extensive release notes, should you want to try out this driver then please be sure to check out the discussion thread we have going on it right here.

  • CrossFire X profiles per application will now be in a separate XML file that it will be possible to update independently of the driver itself
  • ATI CrossFire X with PowerPlay for the Radeon 5×00s: reduced energy consumption of additional cards
  • AMD Dual Graphics: Possibility of combining performances of the IGP of the RS880 with the forthcoming entry level GPUs from the Cedar and Park ranges.
  • 3D Stereoscopics: Update of the D3D driver so as to allow third party firms such as IZ3D to use their 3D solution with 120 Hz screens. Support for Bit Cauldron glasses.
  • Eyefinity: Bezel Management
  • Better GPU acceleration in Windows 7 Video Converter
  • Support for DisplayPort Audio (already in the 9.12 hotfix)
  • If laptop manufacturers allow it, possibility of installing the Catalysts on a laptop in Vista and 7
  • Improvement of 2D performance in Linux
  • Support for Ubuntu 9.10 and OpenSUSE 11.2

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