ATI Avivo Xcode pack for HD4800 series

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Get the right video to the right player - quickly
ATIs new Avivo Video Converter is the fast and easy way to transform your videos to play on todays new breed of portable entertainment devices. The Avivo Video Converter is a transcoder, a tool that converts digital video from one file format to another, enabling the same video clip to play on industry standard home DVD/DivX® players, PCs or portable media devices such as the Apple® iPod®, Sony® portable gaming device, Creative® Zen and many others.

Did we mention how fast it is?
ATIs Avivo Video Converter can take a 30 minute recorded show, and convert it into a format playable by an iPod in less than 1 minutes. It can cut the conversion time by 80% or more. When compared to competitive solutions, the Avivo Video Converter easily beats them. This means youll be watching more, and waiting less.

Easily accessible through Catalyst® Control Center
The Avivo Video Converter greatly simplifies the process of converting videos from one format to another. A wizard found within Catalyst Control Center enables even a novice user to quickly and easily transcode their videos. Simply select the input file format, the output format and quality level, and file location for the new transcoded video filesthe Avivo Video Converter does the rest.

The Avivo Video Converter accepts almost any video file format as a source, and outputs to many different file formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4/DivX, WMV, H.264/AVC, and more. Compared to conventional conversion file methods, the Avivo Video Converter cuts total transcoding time by up to 80%, making it the new benchmark for high performance transcoding.

H.264 support
The Avivo Video Converter also supports the H.264 video format; a next-generation video compression technology that is becoming the leading global standard for mobile devices, broadcast devices, satellite technologies, and beyond. H.264 is the most efficient codec at compressing video, yielding both the highest quality and smallest file size for interoperable consumer and professional products ranging from mobile phones to HDTV.

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