AMD N-Bench 3.1

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N-Bench is a benchmark program that will measure the performance of your computer. Measurement is performed by "CPU Benchmark" which measures CPU performances, such as integer operation and a floating point arithmetic, and "3D Benchmark" which used the real-time display performance of 3D graphics as the base. The measurement results are displayed as the numerical values that comprise the "N-Bench Scores".


N-Bench Ver. 3.1 FeaturesN-Bench has the following features.
* New 3DCG engine based on Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 technology.
* All 3DCG, music, and special effects are renewed.
* "Speed Bench",measure the time to complete the task.
* Corresponds to 3DNow! Professional technology, SSE2, and other CPU special commands
* 4 CPU benchmark test which is not influenced by the graphic performance.
* 4 3D benchmark test which work on XGA

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